Outdoor Sports  
The school is providing facility for Cricket, Handball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Athletics, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, etc. We have seperate professionals for coaching in respective sports, apart from regular sports teachers.
  Indoor Sports  
The school has facility for Karate, Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Sikai Marshal Art, Kick boxing, Badminton, Rifle shooting, Fencing and Skating.
Students are taught meditation & yoga in order to improve their level of concentration. This helps in improving the academic performance.
  Annual Social Gathering  
The main aim of annual social gathering is to bring out the hidden talent in the students and develop stage daring in them. This cannot be achieved by conducting a specialised gathering of few selected events and allowing only a few gifted students to perform. Each gathering has about 22 to 24 events ranging from social plays, historic plays, songs, dances, mimicry, theme based dance and other attractions. We are proud to state that almost every student use this opportunity to bring out the creativity in them.
  Computer Lab  
The school has four computer labs equipped with 90 computers. Students are trained in basic courses like MS-Office, Word, Excel, Power point etc. as well as advanced courses. Internet facility is also provided. Students from class III to XIII can utilise the opportunity.
  Science Lab  
There are two fully equipped science labs as well as separate Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Electronic labs for college students.
  Transpport Facility  
Bus are run by - Patel Bus Services. Transport charge is 11500 yearly.
The school has set up a library which contains a wide range of books (about 2500 books) on a large variety of topics. Newspapers and magazines on current issues are used to supplement the regular books. Students are required to read the news items, articles etc. and analyse them for vocabulary building, note-making etc.